Silikon Matruska bangsar - Bleikir 4pk

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LABEL LABEL er merki frá Belgíu með fallegum tré- og þroskaleikföngum

The Label Label silicone toy line is made of 100% food grade, non-toxic silicone. This collection features a modern color palette, is durable and flexible. 

The bears of different sizes are easy to grasp for the little hands and very soft to touch. They can be put together and taken apart. Children can even store their little belongings, secrets inside the bears. These multifunctional bears are fun to play with and have an educational and decorative value. 

While playing, hand-eye coordination and logical reasoning are stimulated. The development of early number concepts, counting and fine motor skills can also be practiced with the 4 bears.

Label Label silikon leikföngin eru búin til úr 100% eiturefnalaust silikon.

100% BPA free, engin þalöt né bisfenól A

  • 36+ mánaða

  • 6,4 x 6,4 x 12,5 cm

  • FSC vottað

  • 100% BPA free